Our Brewery

In 2008, we installed a state-of-the-art brewery at our new La Piette premises.  

Manufactured entirely from stainless steel, the Velo designed brewhouse produces beer in batches of 6000 litres (roughly 10,500 pints).

Randalls Brewery


Once brewed, 2 batches of unfermented beer are transferred to one of seven 12,000 litre cylindro-conical unitanks to ferment and mature. At any one time we have 84,000 litres (145,000 pints) of beer fementing or maturing. We can produce 1,000,000 litres of beer a year.

To preserve as much flavour as possible we don’t pasteurise our beer, but instead use sterile filtration. Before being packed Breda is filtered 4 times, the final filter has pores just 1/2000th of a millimetre in diameter, ensuring our beer reaches the pub in perfect condition.

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